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Friday, March 29, 2013

Bears on the Couch

Yeah so I dropped the ball on posting day 3 of  Steroidlandia.  That is the day when my mind is so fogged and my emotions are all over the board.  Believe me it was probably in everyone's best interest that I didn't post.  I know I tend to ramble, but the ramble potential was off the charts last week between the steroids, and the Ambien, let's just say things were a bit surreal. 

My kids and husband still laugh about the bears (pillows) I was hiding from in the living room.  Yes there were bears (pillows) on my couch and I will testify in court to that fact.  Apparently I woke up in the middle of the night screaming about "the people", I don't know what people, but I was really angry about them watching me. Anyway, my dear hubby thought I would be much more comfortable on the couch, which really means he had to go work early and wanted to sleep without me freakin' out every  five minutes.

Well he obviously didn't know about the bears (pillows) sitting on the couch so when he carried/dragged me in the living room and I threw myself on the floor he was quite shocked. I knew the only way they wouldn't eat me is if I lay on the floor under my special blanket.

Needless to say that was the last time I took Ambien.

I did indulge in some self induced guilt trips, about being a burden, but my family snapped me out of it right quick.  They're great like that.  They remind me this set back won't last forever and things will be back to normal soon.  I'm still not one hundred yet, but I'm not sweatin' it....too much.

Hope to get back to the running trails next week. I have to keep in shape just in case the bears come back you know.

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