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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day2 and an example of grace

I have to say day 2 of Solumedrol hell is going swimmingly.  As in my head is swimming from the crap in my system and my stomach is swimming from all the water I keep guzzling. To distract myself as I munch on saltines I look around the limited view from my infusion cubicle and see nothing more interesting than my devoted man reading by the faux fireplace.  So I start to listen to the conversations seeping in from around me.  I have always been an evesdropper.  I can say it's out of curiosity and I like to learn as much as I can about my fellow man, but the truth is I'm just super nosey. 

What I hear from the other side of the cubicle truly warms my heart.  From what I gather the woman is in her mid 80's and in for a blood transfusion, but is dehydrated. I groused yesterday about having trouble getting my pic line in yesterday, but this poor woman was really having problems.  Bless her heart though she never once complained and took it all in stride. 

They even had to call up a specialist to do an ultrasound thingy to find a good vein deeper in.  Now when I heard that term "deeper in" my legs went limper than they were to begin with.  All I could do is think OMG this poor woman, but she was a trooper and just joked along as if to make the young nurse more comfortable.

I realized at that moment this is what you call a woman with grace.  She was what I strive for in my everyday life and hope to be like in my advanced age someday.

My long suffering awesome Hubby

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