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Sunday, March 17, 2013

My cane gives me swagger

I'm sitting here not being able to get around very well.  I have had to pull out the dreaded cane and try to look all nonchalant when I walk around with it.  I do think it gives me a certain amount of "swagger" though.  You would think after 22yrs of this crap I wouldn't be so self-conscience when my gait is off and I need assistance.

I am though. Mostly because I don't like the attention it brings. I don't like to explain why I need it this week and not next.  There's an old superstition that you don't say the name of evil so as not to draw it down on you.  That's how I feel about it sometimes, don't think about it too much and the monster will leave me alone. My logical mind realizes this is crazy, and it's my logical mind that is writing this blog, while my Polish Busia mind is crossing it's self and throwing salt over it's left shoulder.

 I  really have gotten better about accepting help and accepting the fact that I need cane sometimes.  I even bought one that is hand carved and completely unique from a talented artisan several years back at my favorite Renaissance Festival.  Now when I carry it I get compliments on the cane and not many "what did you do to your leg?" comments.

The one thing I still have not been able to get comfortable is using my disabled hanger for my car.  I just won't use it,  much to the chagrin of my kids.  I don't know why.  I guess I associate it with the elderly and wheelchairs, of which the  former I am not, and the latter I don't plan on using any time soon

 Although..... if I do end up needing to use a wheelchair, I want one like +Lady Gaga is currently using.

Yeah I think I can rock that ..

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  1. I use my a visual warning to others that I'm not a blazing drunk in the grocery store at 9am... 'There's a problem here, but look, what's yer excuse' ;)
    And I like the security it gives when I need something to lean on. Rock that cane, miss.