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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day1 Steroids and Romantic Musings

Day 1 of my 3 day tour in Steroidlandia.  My fabulous husband came home from work to take me.  I am going to a moment to shamelessly put a plug in for this man.  If you have read any of my past posts you know I have been fighting the monster for almost 22 yrs.  Keith has been my knight in shining armor from the beginning.  We met while I was just  at the tender age of 16.  To be honest I had already, in the vernacular of an 80's teen queen, scoped him out before we actually met.  I told my cousin she needed to date his brother again and hook me up.  As it turns out they did start talking again, and on the night I met my man we all went to a haunted house.  Of course I was convincingly scared and had to hold on to him for dear life.  I smile whenever I think of that night.  He was my protector from monsters 25years ago and is my protector from the monster now.

Now Prince Charming wasn't always so charming after my diagnosis.  There was a lot of upheaval for two young people at the ages of 20-me, and 25 him, just starting out in this quest called life.  I was determined to be strong and not let anything or anyone keep me down.  He had a hard time understanding I was scared absolutely shitless and thought I was dying.  We were miserable, tired and broken hearted, and not on the same page at all, but we weren't quitters.  We kept trying to make the relationship work.  We were determined not to lose each other.  Problem was I was really good at pushing him away with angry words and any object I could turn into a projectile,  and he excelled at shutting down.  We still never gave up on this relationship, and when a shit storm hit we were each other's umbrella.

We went on to get married  after about six years of living together.  Our wedding was in the month of  December so I wouldn't get overheated in my gi-freakin-normous wedding gown.
Just because we were married our problems didn't magically go away.  My condition kept getting worse and I kept getting angrier.  We continued to plug along and eventually started a family.  We are blessed with two daughters that are our lives.  We still have issues, but instead of shutting down, or throwing fudgesicles at each other- yes, that really happened and we lived with the fudgy spot on the wall for months because we refused to wash it off- we turned to a proffessional for help.  She has helped us look at what the other is going through.  I realize it may be hard on me to be in the middle of an exacerbation, but it's just as hard for him to be my caregiver and take over all the responsibilities I have at home plus work his own job.  We still stumble and slip back into our old ways once in a great while, but we can recognize it for what it is and move on. See I'm not the only one "growing up with MS", my whole family is.

Ok enough mushy gushy stuff on to the dirty details of.....duhn duhn duhhhhh.... Day 1 of Solumedrol.

 All went well except for the four blown veins it took to get my IV started.  I always joke with my family about my super strength-i have a lifelong superhero fascination/obsession- and almost have myself talked in to the fact that I have super powered veins that won't allow the steroids to enter my system.
My hubby thinks I'm just delusional and nuts, but he's  not complaining when he sees me in my Wonder Woman panties ;) 

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