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Monday, March 18, 2013

THE call....

I had to make the call today.  You know,  the one to Neurologists office to tell them you are having an exacerbation.  I hate making the call.  I will put it off, and stump around trying to convince myself that this time is not so bad, all the while holding on to the dining room table, doorways, the tv stand and recliner for support during my loop of denial around the house.  Usually somewhere around my fourth lap, when my footsteps fall harder than Godzilla's in Tokyo, my husband will say "Hey Slappy Mcslapperson, call the doctor".

Well balls!  The call always leads to IV steroids.  Which always leads to, "oh crap, I don't have anything in the house for Lilli's lunch, how am I going to pick up Abae and Erica from school?,  Keith, you can't miss work to take me everyday, we have no clean towels, blah, blah, blah". It's the mental list of "disasters" that I come up with to not do the Solumedrol treatment.  It never holds up, and I fold like a cheap suit.

Solumedrol is the name for methylprednisone, and is administered by IV drip for about an hour each of the 3 days of treatment.  It drastically shortens the time an exacerbation lasts.  Oh yeah and one really important thing is that IT SUCKS.

Don't misunderstand, it really does help.  The days during the infusions  you almost feel like you can do anything.  Nothing hurts, you are not tired, your junk drawer gets cleaned out and you feel good.  Really good.  That is until the day after your last treatment and it starts to feel like you are  shoplifting tennis balls in your armpits, if anyone looks at you funny or otherwise, you will rip their throat out, and then cry hysterically about it after.  Better hide the Little Debbies, pretzels, chips, candy, and cake topper sprinkles because you will eat them all, and then cry hysterically after.   I now try to stock up on carrots, celery and peanut butter.  Anything that crunches takes the edge of for me.    Sleeping will be your best relief until you wake up shaking and soaked from sweating.  I always keep an extra set of pjs right by bed for a quick change.

I have learned over the years what expect from this treatment.  I now know not to plan anything for at least two weeks after the last day of treatment.  That seems to be how long it takes to clear my system and for the withdrawls to subside, plus my immune system will be somewhat compromised so it's good to steer clear of large gatherings.  Water is my best friend, both for drinking and cool relaxing baths.

Tomorrow will be my first day of this fun, at least I'll have clean junk drawer to show for it.

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