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Thursday, March 14, 2013

MS kills connections if we let it....

Many of you may or may not know this is the official MS Awareness Week, and I felt the need to really try my best to spread the word. I posted this status on a few of my favorite running pages on facebook March 11, 2013:

"Today I ran 3.5 miles. I ran for all the times I was stuck in bed with IV poison coursing through my veins. I ran for all the injections I have to give myself and the side effects I have to endure from them. I ran for all the tears and the times I couldn't and won't be able to get out of my bed and just walk. I ran for my daughters so they can see this disease won't win. I ran for all the others whose stride was stolen by this monster.
Today starts National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness week. Even if you don't personally know someone with MS maybe you could in your heart, dedicate one of your runs this week to those of us who can't."

To my great appreciation and surprise I was overwhelmed with the support I received for the post. My very favorite page Women's Running Community, actually created an event to ask people to keep those who are not able to run in their thoughts during their runs this week. There was an overwhelming response from those who have been personally touched by this disease either themselves or by someone close to them. I read through each and every comment, and was touched beyond belief. I was thrilled that this opened up the topic for people who may not always feel comfortable sharing their experiences. That is my whole intention for writing this blog and speaking so openly about MS. It is sometimes called the silent disease, but I believe it's time for all of us to make some noise.

If you are newly diagnosed it's overwhelming, scary, confusing and makes you damned angry. I get it. Don't keep it in though, talk to someone and let it out.
If you are an MS veteran, it's still overwhelming, scary, and confusing and at times makes you damned angry. I get it. The beauty of being more "experienced" is that you have the ability to reach out to others and help them navigate this mess, and in the process help yourself.

The catchphrase "MS kills connections" doesn't have to be true if we all try to reach at least one person, connect with them and help make this journey bearable. I hope that somewhere someone is reading my rambling posts and saying to themselves "wow, I'm not alone" and they get a little comfort from my words.

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