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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tardis cake failure

We are huge Dr. Who fans in our house, so I wasn't surprised when Lillian  asked for a Tardis cake for her birthday.  I reasearched, and planned and pretty much felt I had this in the bag. How hard could it be to decorate a Tardis cake.  It's not like I haven't made cakes before.  In fact I have always baked and decorated my girls birthday cakes.  

I don't know really know what went wrong, but the cake turned out awful.  I mean embarassingly awful.  So bad  I was in tears awful.  It looks like a 10yr old decorated this cake.  Nothing was going right.  I had not one but two decoarating bags explode on me while trying to pipe the windows.  Just a mess is what it was.  Lilli happens to be home sick from school today and came into the kitchen to see what all the hubbub was about.  I was covered in blue frosting, with giant pools of it solidifying on the counter and floor, near tears.  She looked at the cake was quiet for a second then started laughing like crazy.  "it's soooo cute! I love it" she squealed between laughs and coughs. Bless her heart because I felt like the biggest failure for not making this cake perfect, but she didn't care one bit.
I hate doing this to myself.  I want to stop believe me.  I want to not compare myself to other moms who seem to always have it together.  I want to, I just don't know how to turn it off.  Any thoughts?

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