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Friday, July 4, 2014

Did not lose my runnners card

I ran my personal best 32.23 this morning and it felt fan-freaking-tastic! Here are a few things I learned about myself today at the Starr Spangled 5k race this morning.

 There is a group of ladies that run all the local races and we call them the "skirt girls". They wear these tiny little matching skirt outfits coordinated with the event. Full  makeup that never melts.  They never seem to sweat.  They "glow".  All the guys go completely gaga over them. They are gorgeous, and they are fast.  I hate them.  No, not really.  I say I hate them, but secretly I want to be a "skirt girl".

 I am much more competitive than I ever realized. I also hold on to stuff for waaaaayyyyy to long.  I saw my grade school nemesis, arch enemy, frenemy whatever you call her I wanted to beat her.  She was the girl who was always one step ahead of me in school.  In grade school everything we did was in alphabetical order.  Lines to go to the bathroom, lunch lines, who got to read first in class were always  done in alphabetical order. Our last names were similar hers started with BR and mine was BU so even when we were in line she was ahead of me. Her mom was the Room Mom every year.  Her older sister was the lunch monitor. My cousins/brothers were trouble makers and the only times my parents were at school were to meet with the principle. High school was much the same and now our kids go to school together.  I wanted to beat her bad.  I did not care about personal best or having a good time I wanted to beat this chick.  I kept scanning the crowd to make sure she didn't pass me.  I felt awesome because I never saw her pass me and I was pretty sure she didn't queue in the front.  I crossed the finish line feeling awesome.  Then I found out she didn't even run! Haha. Motivation, insanity, whatever you call it I got across the finish line happy.

I don't mind coming in after my husband because I always have a cheering section waiting for me at the finish line.

I love it when my husband passes by me during an out and back race and we high five. It's romantic.  I know, barf, right?

I always pick one person/victim ahead of me that I plan to pass, but never do. So frustrating because for whatever reason I can never seem to turn it on enough to actually pass the person/victim.  I guess it's enough to keep me going and pushing through, I learned to accept it.

I am the lone person you see that never seems to be in a pack of runners.  It's just me myself and I out there in the dead zone between the runner pack and walker pack.

The most bizarre things pop in my head when I'm really in the zone.  "Can I get swimmer's ear from sweat?".

I really love to run.  I did not lose my runners card after all.

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