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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

find things you love

I'm looking back at my previous posts and realizing I may have gotten off track here.  My main intent for writing this blog- ugggghhhh I really can't stand that word, "have you read my blog?", "you should read my blog", "I'm kind of a big deal, I write a blog" sounds so pretentious- was to help people. I really don't know if I am helping or just scaring the bejeezus out of folks.  I just hope anyone who reads the things I have posted find some sort of inspiration in the fact that no matter how many times I have been knocked down, I still have been able to brush it off and keep moving on.  I never intended to make myself look like some sort of hero who just keeps going with a smile on my face. What you get is the raw me.  The me who is so sick of this fucking disease and what it has done to my body, my mind and my family.

When I post about running it's because I want anyone reading to know they can still do things, a wheelchair is not inevitable.  Maybe you can't run today, but you might next week.  I wasn't even a runner until 4 yrs ago.  My family and friends worry about it constantly and tell me I push too hard, but it's what I can do.  I can't work anymore, but can run.  I am not saying everyone should be running or even athletic, but I think we all need to be able to do things we love an make us feel good about ourselves.  Please don't let anyone make you feel "disabled".  Once you go down that road it only leads to depressionville.  Not a place you want to live, trust me.

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