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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bragging on my Man

I just want to brag up my man for a minute here.  Keith, my man, really can be pretty damn awesome and supportive when he puts his mind to it. We are running a half marathon on Nov. 9 and my last long run -11mi- is Friday. I have been really stressing because my last two long runs haven't been very good. I have had to run them by myself.  I like when he's running ahead of me, it keeps me motivated and I look forward to the little high-five we do as he's coming back. Anyhow, I have a really great friend that I have know since 7th grade - we are now 42 so it's been a long friendship- he has moved around a lot over the years, but we have always tried to keep in touch. He's a runner too, so we have discussing my nervousness over this half for a couple weeks. I have M.S. and have been nervous about bringing on a relapse, I am afraid I'll get to 11 miles and not be able to finish, just really silly things they both talk me down from.

Well, this morning my husband told me he had surprise for me....MY friend is going to be in town tomorrow and plans on doing my final long run with me! They set it up a couple days ago and the only reason he had to tell me today was my Mother in law went in for emergency gall bladder surgery this morning. So cool I love these two so much!     My husband has been my soul mate since we met when I was 16.  My friend has been a constant source of support since I was 13, except the one time when he introduced me to  my first boyfriend and he turned out to be a total tool, hahaha, but other than that one of my biggest fans for sure.
Feeling very fortunate today. 

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