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Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm no Montel

I'm sitting here watching Montel Williams on  the Rachel Ray show this morning.  While I adore Montel and admire and respect him, I'm just not in the mood for him today.  I  know I can learn a lot from him and I have, but today listening to him speak about his workouts and diet changes I just feel like a total slug and failure at having M.S.  Silly right? I keep making excuses up in my head,

"sure he can liquify 80% of his food, but he doesn't have two kids and a husband who like to have hot meals and expect me to make them"
 " I bet he doesn't have a mountain of laundry to do that's why he can workout two hours every day"
"snowboarding in Chile must be nice I can't afford to go to Cedar Point today with my daughter"

I hate these thoughts and feelings. I really do, but sometimes they just hijack my brain and all of a sudden I'm in tears and angry at the world. 
I do take care of myself. I eat well most of the time, I run when I feel well enough to, I'm even trying to work in some strength training,  I take my medication, but I'm no Montel that's for sure.

I guess we all don't need to be Montels, as long as we are taking care of our bodies and minds the best we know how, and with the resources we have.  

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