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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Suck it up buttercup

I find myself being very hypocritical of my last post this morning.  I'm sitting here listening to a woman recount a recent surgery and talk about every detail and how hard it was on her.   She is very "fragile" and now afraid to leave her house.  Now we are hearing every detail of this "traumatic ordeal".  As I sit here I'm thinking to myself "I would never talk about my medical issues to people like this. You're such an attention hog" How horrible am I? Pretty horrible I think.  Granted I don't really care for this person much in general, and we have all been hearing this same story for the last four weeks,  but I wish I could be more gracious. 

I tend to not have very much compassion for people with "normal" medical issues that will get better eventually.  Sadly as a Military wife when I hear other civilian wives boohooing because their husbands are out of town for for a week I tend to think "oh suck it up buttercup I haven't seen my man for three months".

Do I think I'm a better person because I don't talk about my illness and revel in the attention, or because I can successfully live like a single parent for months on end? Absolutely not.   I think it makes me human.  Not sure how  good of a human it makes me, but that's just what it is.

I really don't like this about myself, and am trying to change this aspect of my personality.   I recognize I could do better and maybe that's the first step to changing.

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