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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Mom coffession

I have been a bit obbsessed with the fact that my oldest daughter is graduating high school soon.  Too soon.  I am astounded about how quickly these school years have flown by.  I worry that I may not have been involved enough in her schools.  I worry that I haven't told her enough about boys.  I worry that I haven't taught her how to make rice.  Yes rice.  It's cheap and you can do a ton of things to liven it up.  Anyhow I worry.

Here's the biggest thing I worry about though.  My dirty little secret.  My unspoken shame.  I worry that I am losing my best friend. "Whaaattt?!" you exclaim  "She is your daughter she can't be your best friend."  Not true.  She can be my best friend, but I just can't be hers.  And I'm not, I know that.

The reasons I consider her my best friend should be pretty obvious.  We spend loads of time together.  We critique each others outfits.  Share makeup tips.  We even go halfsies on shoes and makeup.  She does wear them more than I do though.  We have similar taste in music and are always like "have you heard the new Yelawolf?" " I can't wait for the Lana Del Rey concert".  I know all the school gossip. We talk about her future. We cry together and laugh together.   I have tons of fun with her.  I love spending time with her. So yeah she's my best friend.

Now I'm not naive enough to think she tells me everything.  I know she has things she shares with her friends that are all her own. I also know I get on her nerves. When I say "no staying all night at the cast party I want you home at 1:00"  or "I need an address of where you're gonna be tonight".  I always get a little attitude about that stuff.  That's fine by me because in the end she is always home at 1:00 and I always have an address.  That attitude also reminds me that while I may think of her as my best friend she will always see me as Mom first.

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