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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Where did the time go?

I'm sitting here looking at graduation party ideas for the Swimmer Girl. My oldest. I just can not believe she will be done with high school in a little over a month.  Where did the time go? I know every parent asks that question, but until now I never understood the significance of those simple words.

I still remember dropping her off at preschool like it was yesterday.  I was a mess,  and if I'm going to be completely honest I kind of wanted her to more of a mess.  She took her teacher's hand and never looked back.  I on the other hand crept all stalker-like around the building to the window and just watched her with tears forming in my eyes.  She was fine.  I was not.  I bawled into the steering wheel once I got to my van. It took all my willpower  to not rush back into the school grab her up into my arms and run for the hills.

I know I asked "where did the time go?" that day.  The thing is I brought her home 4 hrs later.  When she leaves home for college this August she won't be back home any time soon.  I won't be seeing her everyday after school like I do now.

I know parents always say things like "I can't wait for her to be out my house".  I don't.  I caution  parents with young kids to be careful what you wish for because some day sooner that you'll believe you'll be asking "where did the time go?", with tears in your eyes just like me.

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  1. My son is starting his third year of college...he's home on summer break jow and I love it!!! BUT come August, I'll be helping him pack up his car!!! (I do love you with all my heart, John! ❤️)