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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The little things

We got a beautiful fresh blanket of snow here overnight. I love it. My dogs love it. My kids love it. We all just love it :) I for one will be making the most of it today. I may sound all Sally Sunshine, but it's really hard to find the joy in life sometimes and I'm trying to appreciate the little things.
I am learning that if I appreciate the little things more I can handle the setbacks a bit easier and move ahead.  
We all had a life before MS right? Think back to the things that gave you joy, but try not to focus on what you can't do anymore. I loved going sledding as a kid and even as a young adult.  I may not be able to climb the big hills anymore, but I can still crawl up a little hill. I can still watch the kids and listen to the joyus squeals of laughter as they fly down the hills.  I can still stand in the backyard and throw snowballs for my dog Oliver. He doesn't care if I can't throw them as far anymore because he's still wondering why they disappear when they hit the ground.  I love to watch him dig in the snow and then look at me in bewilderment with a snow covered muzzle. My little Annie-Awesomsauce gets mini snowballs attched to her feet and she just runs around in circles trying to figure out where they came from, then her terrier nose picks up a scent and the snowballs are forgotten and she's off chasing long gone squirrels and rabbits.  Little things, but little things that can still make me laugh.
I hope everyone can be aware of the the little things today. Maybe it's the snow, or a song you haven't heard in ages, the quirky smile of your spouse, or just the contented purring of your cat.  
Today I will be aware that my fingers and toes will be numb from playing in the snow instead of from MS
  I hope you all can find a little joy today.

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