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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How are you feeling?

How do you respond when someone asks "how are you feeling?".  Are you honest if you're not feeling all that great? Do you fudge the truth to steer the conversation in another direction?  My answer depends on who's asking.  If it's family or a close friend I tend to be a little more honest.  If it is an aquaintence who knows I have multiple sclerosis, but I don't know very well I'll fudge it with "I'm good and you".

The sticky part comes when I am honest and the reply always seems to be "well, it's just the weather, everyone is feeling like that", or "well you seem like you're walking alright".  It is so frustrating because I know they are well meaning and trying to be supportive, but in the end I feel like my symptoms are being diminished. I mean jeesh you asked so please don't make excuses for me or try to reinterpret my symptoms.

Oh and if I get asked one more time when I start my new medication, I think I'll smack someone with my cane.  I understand sometimes people believe that medication is a magic pill that will never make me have another relapse again, but if that were true that would be a cure right?  Our multiple sclerosis medications control the disease to an extent.  If I stop taking my medication that does not mean I will have a relapse the next week.  The reverse is sometimes true. I can take my medication religiously as prescribed, but still have several relapses during the year. 

While we are on the subject of relapses,  a relapse for me is not just the inability to walk properly.  An exacerbation can affect my sight, my left arm, my speech, my cognitive thinking, or be extreme fatigue.  It is not cut and dry and even after 24 years this disease is always changing for me. 

Do find these things true for your situation?  How do you handle them?  For me the best place to be completely honest is right here.  Lucky you!

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